Metro Style Twitter Bootstrap 3 RC1 Is Out

Metro Style Twitter Bootstrap 3 RC1 is Out

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Metro Style Twitter Bootstrap 3 RC1 Is Out

Metro Style Twitter Bootstrap 3 RC1 Is Out

Twitter Bootstrap is one of the most outstanding Html and CSS base design templates for Web Designer and Developer. It creates web semantic to standardised the html syntax and helps us to work easily and faster thanks to the developer of this great framework Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton.

The success of Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.2 is now reached its upgraded version which is the Twitter Bootstrap 3 RC1. Currently this version is in a testing and development stage and still they will need some few updates to make the final release more stable and more awesome.

So what’s new in Twitter Bootstrap 3 RC1, well my first impression when i saw it this morning, “ohhh it’s a flat ui, and adapt a metro style design, awesome!”. So what’s is metro style?
According to my friend wikipedia (we’re friends…),

Metro Style is an internal code name of a typography-based design language. A key design principle of Metro is better focus on the content of applications, relying more on typography and less on graphics (“content before chrome”)

According to the developer of this framework way back december 2012, (i dunno if that’s right, haha). They said Bootstrap 3 will be mobile-first, to make it more adaptive in different mobile sizes and many more. I’m still looking out this beta version and do some more test case scenario for browser compatibility.

You can check also some of the example of this great framework. Follow this link for more example. Twitter Bootstrap’s layout and Components Example

So to sum it up, This will be your next awesome html and css base template framework that you should get for your upcoming projects. 🙂

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