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  • Create a website using Startup Design FrameworkApril 15, 2014

    Designmodo have just released their latest product, Startup Framework, designed to build sites for new startups and 9 months in the making, it’s built on a modular component basis, enabling you to rapidly combine its parts into hundreds of different combinations.Based on Twitter Bootstrap, the Startup Framework’s components use a single consistent style, and include Designmodo’s hugely popular Flat UI.

  • What’s new for designers, April 2014April 15, 2014

    The April edition of what’s new for web designers and developers includes new web apps, Photoshop extensions, game frameworks, educational resources, mobile frameworks, jQuery plugins, and some really great new fonts.Many of the resources below are free or very low cost, and are sure to be useful to a lot of designers and developers out there.

  • Programming Actionscript 3 TutorialApril 13, 2014

    Learn Actionscript 3 code in this tutorial. Make a bubble collision demo. Adobe Flash files and programming code are free to download.

  • 25+ free WordPress themes for April 2014April 11, 2014

    It’s been a busy month for theme designers & developers as a large number of new themes were released, making this a great time to update your site if it is in need of a new look. Some of the overall trends in web design are showing through in theme design as well: flat design and big photos rule.Every month we’ll be bringing you our pick of the best free WordPress themes released in the previous four weeks. Here are our favorites for April:

  • 25 Fresh HTML5 Websites for your InspirationApril 10, 2014

    Creative websites are being created every day pushing the limitations of HTML in each direction, new technologies like HTML5 helps to designing a trendy and stylish websites. After all the benefits of HTML5 settled, we can see websites taking advantage of it to create smooth transitions, nice image sliders and animations. These have become new language for web designers/developers all across the globe. Everyday popularity of HTML5 is going higher and higher

  • How to beat the “paradox of choice” in UI designApril 9, 2014

    “Less is more” is one of the most important minimalistic design principles every designer learns: you read about it a lot, you know it’s really important, but still you might get it all wrong. The important thing is to come around, learn from it, and evolve. And so we did.

  • How to build irresistible websites by designing for emotionApril 8, 2014

    Good design has strong ties to emotion: this is something designers do know and understand. Unfortunately, in a world driven by SEO and the never-ending evolution of web tech, it’s a very easy thing to forget.Our emotional response to design, from its visual aesthetics to the experience it creates, is part physiology, part math and part mystery. That’s also true for our approach to design, and again: it informs more than the aesthetic aspects. Emotion is also present in the best of its structure and strategy.

  • Building 3D in the browser with Three.jsApril 4, 2014

    We have capabilities in our browsers that we wouldn’t have dreamt of 5 or 10 years ago. Entire 3D game worlds can run in the browser and interactive websites can be more immersive experiences.Amazingly, we can now create 3D with pure JavaScript, including meshes and materials.Of course, even though it’s possible, it does require a huge amount of code, and that’s where Three.js comes in, allowing us to build 3D environments simply and with less code.

  • Delicious Pie Design in PhotoshopApril 4, 2014

    Today we are going to work on Delicious Pie Design in Photoshop, in this Photoshop Tutorial we are going to use some of the basic tools and commands. We will be covering Pen tool, Ellipse Tool, Rectangular Marquee Tool, Bucket Tool etc. We will also be studying the use of Inner Glow, Outer Glow, Pattern Overlay etc. So lets start working over Simple but important Photoshop Tutorial.

  • The web designer’s guide to presenting legal stuffApril 3, 2014

    With the recent developments in online privacy it is just about the right time to suggest small tweaks to improve your terms & conditions and privacy policy documents on your own websites. As the examples below show, there are various ways to make these documents (in addition to its legal validity) more than just text in a way that will benefit your visitors.

  • Major shakeup to domain names will affect millionsApril 2, 2014

    At the end of last week ICANN, the body responsible for the allocation of domain names online, announced it will be adopting changes to domain name structure first proposed at the Paris conference in October. Those changes center around increased localization of existing domain names.

  • Particle Flow AnimationApril 1, 2014

    Use 3ds Max Particle Flow to make rain animation. Also include a realistic water fill animation using just auto-key frames. Export to an AVI video file.

  • Essential design tips for the mobile webMarch 27, 2014

    It’s no surprise that a recent report from UN agency, the International Telecoms Union, predicted that there will be more mobile subscriptions on the planet than people inside the next 9 months. The ‘smartphone revolution’ is most definitely upon us and as such, mobile web design has exploded in recent years.

  • 14 Free Sports HTML Website TemplatesMarch 27, 2014

    In this post, we showcase 14 Free Sports HTML Website Templates available from various sites across the web. These free HTML templates are suitable for creating websites for fitness centers, diving clubs, basketball teams, golf courses, biking, aerobics, football, winter sports, car racing, yoga clubs, sport centers, etc. Take a look at these templates and choose the one that best suits your needs.

  • Create a Zombie Style Typo using the Blob Brush in IllustratorMarch 26, 2014

    In this new Tutorial part of the Creative Series – Typography, we’ll learn how to create a Zombie Style custom Typo in Illustrator to use on a T-Shirt or Poster using the Blob Brush and Live Paint Tool.

  • File Manager iOS App UI Kit FreebieMarch 26, 2014

    Hey Designers, today’s Freebie is a File Manager App UI Kit with cool elements and vibrant colors from the great guys at

  • 50 essential freebies for web designers, April 2014March 26, 2014

    This month’s huge new list of diverse elements for designers and developers includes some fantastic freebies for mobile, web and print work; it includes cool scripts, awesome fonts, great ideas, and must-see experiments.Whether you’re a designer, developer, or enthusiast we’re sure you’ll find something here to kick-start April with a bang!

  • How to get started with SVGMarch 25, 2014

    In the last few months, the buzz around SVG images has grown and grown. SVG has been around for years, but it’s only recently that it’s started to look like a real contender.The hype around SVG isn’t just some hipster trend, SVG completely solves issues that file formats like JPG completely fail to address.If you want to start using SVG, this article is for you. I’ll guide you through getting your SVG from Illustrator into HTML and then teach you to modify that image using CSS.

  • 10 Free Hotel HTML Website TemplatesMarch 24, 2014

    In this post, we showcase 10 Free Hotel HTML Website Templates that are suitable for creating websites for hotels, bed & breakfasts, guest houses, villas, etc. You can download and use these HTML templates for your personal or commercial websites. Please read the license of the provider first before using any template. Enjoy!

  • 6 design essential ingredients for successful e-commerceMarch 20, 2014

    With growing numbers of businesses taking their products and services to the web, offering greater reach and accessibility of their wares to their existing and potential clients, we as web designers need to be ready to deliver on their e-commerce web wants and needs. Across the Web we see numerous examples of both ends of this spectrum, e-commerce websites done extremely well and, unfortunately, some extremely poorly.

  • Font Awesome CSS NavigationMarch 19, 2014

    Use the “Font Awesome” utility to design a cool website navigation bar using just CSS and HTML. Copy and paste code from the tutorial.

  • The designer’s guide to pixel hintingMarch 18, 2014

    Pixel-perfect icons and typography stand out among the crowd online. Obviously we all want to strive for such refined work, but sometimes even after trying we still end up with something a little… less. Pixel Hinting is one of the skills that takes an automatic feature and improves upon its results. Despite the ultra high resolution of displays today—like Apple’s retina displays—we still need to “fake” smooth curves lest we end up with a pixelated mess.

  • 21 free WordPress themes for March 2014March 17, 2014

    Simple. That’s the commonality this month as dozens of new WordPress themes became available and many had a common thread. Judging by this group of themes, minimalistic styling and simple design are definitely in.

  • 24 extraordinarily cool motion graphic designsMarch 14, 2014

    Motion graphics are flat out neat. They’re what dazzles our eyes at the beginning of movies and during commercials. They’re what takes stagnant illustrations and makes them great animations. Even little pieces of motion graphics are implemented in video productions as well. There’s no other way to say it—motion graphics are cool.

  • Free Flat Interactive Buttons for Contact, Signin & Feedback (Part 2 )March 13, 2014

    We got many positive feedbacks for the Flat Interactive E-commerce buttons posted couple weeks ago. Our team created a new series of unique buttons that not only look nice and different but are fully interactive for some common and useful buttons such as: Contact us, Sign in, Feedback, Submit.

  • How to succeed with Google+ HangoutsMarch 12, 2014

    Google+ Hangouts have been at the heart of some of the hottest video conferencing technologies since it first debuted as part of Google+ several years ago. The Hangouts’ technology creates a dynamic place to engage your social network through video, chat, and other applications. Let’s uncover how to use this unique video conferencing system from Google as an attendee, and as a host.

  • Design a Professional LogoMarch 11, 2014

    Put on your thinking cap and design a logo in Photoshop. Step by step instructions teach you how to work with text and symbols, for a professional logo.

  • The secrets of successful website contentMarch 8, 2014

    Do you know why book stores are closing at a frightening pace? Because people don’t read books anymore.It’s a sad fact but what does it have to do with my website/blog content? Everything, because it’s a trend a savvy businessperson will heed—consumers aren’t reading!

  • Design Shiny TextMarch 8, 2014

    Photoshop glossy text tutorial. Detailed tutorial and video. Create your own glossy text.

  • The best way to serve fonts to your websiteMarch 6, 2014

    Web design came of age the day webfonts entered wide-spread usage. Prior to that point it’s arguable that we were less designers than engineers.We’re going to illustrate these options by focussing on the best way to deliver an all-time classic typeface, Garamond.

  • 40 Expressive Packaging DesignsMarch 6, 2014

    A first impression makes all the difference; Designers can always learn a lot from good design in all mediums. Creating an eye-catching high quality package designs will capture consumer's attention soon. Packaging Designs that are inspire for a lot of reasons illustration, typography, color, Images, and textures.

  • 3D EmoticonMarch 5, 2014

    Adobe 3D Illustrator logo design tutorial. Design a 3D Smiley Emoticon. Good tutorial and video to watch and learn.

  • How to Fullscreen Flash File in BrowserMarch 5, 2014

    Since the Flash Player 9,0,28,0 update, flash applets can go to true full-screen. There are no fancy javascript hacks needed either. Users can toggle between normal size and fullscreen with a simple click

  • The best free WordPress plugins for March 2014March 4, 2014

    This month , there is a common thread amongst some (not all) of them: communities. More specifically, some of these plugins would be most useful on WordPress-based community sites. Anyone can use them of course, but they seem better-suited to WordPress sites with large numbers of users.

  • 50 essential freebies for web designers, March 2014March 2, 2014

    New projects are being released all the time that make us excited, curious, inspired and sometimes a little bit jealous. Today we continue our monthly series of the very best free resources for web designers with a collection that includes cool scripts, awesome fonts, great ideas, and must-see experiments.

  • Pen Tool in Illustrator to Draw Angry BirdFebruary 28, 2014

    How to draw an angry bird in Adobe Illustrator. Learn to use the Pen tool to draw vector art.

  • How to create horizontal scrolling using display:table-cellFebruary 27, 2014

    Horizontal layouts of all kinds have intrigued me ever since I found out you could do that. I don’t know exactly why I’m fascinated with them… maybe it’s just my inner rebel talking. Whatever the reason, I’m just about ready to declare vertical scrolling obsolete, passé, and soooo last millennium.I came across the technique described in this article the way I usually come across things: by trying to do something else entirely. I was attempting (you can laugh) to create a CSS grid framework based on display: table-cell (okay, stop laughing now).

  • 25 Fresh Fullscreen Background Websites for your InspirationFebruary 25, 2014

    In recent years using full screen background image is becoming more and more extremely trendy in website design. Large background images always a key tool for grabbing visitor’s attention as we’ve seen in posters and advertisements, and its offers far less work in a site design.

  • 70 Fantastic Vector Illustration for InspirationFebruary 24, 2014

    Vector graphics and vector objects are most powerful. Because they maintain their resolutions and you can modify without losing its properties. Adobe Illustrator, Coreldraw etc tools used to make vector shapes.

  • 45+ Useful Cartoon Character Design TutorialsFebruary 24, 2014

    Today cartoon designing has become really interesting for designers. There are a lot of powerful and supporting tools and software for this like Illustrator, Corel Draw, Photoshop etc. Now, I am going to look into 45+ cartoon character design tutorials


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