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Fluid teams: the way you’ll work for the rest of your career

This is not a management article. Well, it kind of is, but please leave your agile-lean-workplace-organization-human-resources backpack at the door. We’re here to talk about making things; making them really good with the help of others, and growing as creatives. While the concept of “fluid teams” is increasingly appearing on slide presentations in the corporate world, it can almost be considered an ancient (but secret) tradition for freelancers and small studios.

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Create a Colorful Cake Illustration in Photoshop

Photoshop is a very powerful illustration tool and today we will make a wonderful, tasty, and colorful cake without having to do the dishes afterwards. I had based this tutorial on the cake from my set of icons that I created earlier and which enjoys great popularity. This illustration was created using Photoshop shapes and a bit of painting. If you don’t know how to work with Pen Tool you can first get acquainted with this lesson that fully explains all the functions of this tool. Let’s get started!

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Top 15 MooTools Plugins Free

MooTools (My Object-Oriented Tools) is a lightweight, object-oriented, web-application framework for JavaScript, written in JavaScript. It is released under the free, open-source MIT License. Mootools are one of very famous Javascript Framework like jQuery, designed for the intermediate to advanced JavaScript developer. Today i collected top 15 Moo tools plugin for you to download and enjoy.

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50+ Best CSS3 Examples

We have posted every new feature related to web and graphics design technology on our blog and CSS3 and HTML5 is no doubt the main development in web technology nowadays. It is already used by many designers very effectively. Today i have posted ultimate list of best css3 examples for our readers.

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15 Hotel Websites Designed to Inspire

As a web designer, you’ll sometimes be called upon to design websites for the hospitality industry, namely hotels. These are some of the toughest to design because you not only have to get the functional quotient right but also make them visually appealing. Hotel websites are visuals heavy because they need to tempt visitors to book a stay with the hotel. But they also need to be right up there in the functional scale to ensure visitors can book their accommodation easily and seamlessly.

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How to create a scrollable splash screen with CSS3 and jQuery

A great way to catch the attention of a visitor to your website is a “splash screen” or an “intro screen”. However, making a successful one is very difficult for one simple reason: splash screens easily irritate users.What I want to show you today is a basic method to achieve this effect, which you can modify easily to make nice-looking intros to web experiences.

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Free download: Apple product mockups from

It’s vital that you communicate this to your clients, by showing off your designs in their best light: being used by customers.This set of mockups from will help you do just that.They feature smart object areas for you to insert your own artwork and screen shots easily. They’ve also been carefully composed to ensure that your work takes center stage. They’re free for personal and commercial use, so you can make sure your portfolio stands out from the crowd.

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