15 Realistic Design Manipulation Tutorials in Photoshop

15 Realistic Design Manipulation Tutorials in Photoshop

Good Day Folks, Now we have collected hand pick 15 Realistic Design Manipulation Tutorials using Photoshop just for you. All the tutorials that you will see here has different style,technique and approach. If you are looking for new technique that you want to apply for your next design this tutorials will help you out.

Check our fantasic collection for this month of July 2013. And we make sure that we will give you more amazing photoshop tutorials.

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Importance Of Typography In Marketing Terms

Importance of Typography In Marketing Terms

The art and technique of setting type to make language visible is known as Typography. Visibility is a basic thing in printing, the ability to make writing attractive however is pivotal in professional typography. It is the work of a graphic designer to use typeface, colors, layout, grid and design etc creatively and create innovative typographic material. This is especially helpful in marketing/branding of a product.

For a layman, there is most probably not much of a difference between ‘Arial’ and ‘times new roman font’. A graphic designer knows that font selection is the first step towards printing. Then he/she has to select the font size.  Height of a character is generally known as x-height while width as set-width. The next step is to correct the ‘Leading’. Vertical space between the type lines is called leading. Tracking and kerning is looked at next. This is space adjustment between adjacent characters so the overall effect isn’t muddled but aligned. ‘Measuring’ is the next step where you decide on the width of a text block. Hierarchy and Scale are finally decided. This is the difference in the text printed which would signify what is highlighted as well as the placing.

A company would get its name and logo printed as a start of its marketing campaign. Typography plays a pivotal role in broadcasting your product to the masses. We now recognize some companies by just their logos/brands obviously we’re paying tribute to the typographical skills of the graphic designers.
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30 Premium Rockstar PSD Templates Just For You

30 Premium Rockstar PSD Templates just for You

Today we have new collections of 30 Premium Rockstar PSD Templates that might help you impress your client for stunning design template. Creating new design is a great challenge for a graphic and web designer. It must be pixel perfect, proper alignment, selection of color scheme should be very attractive to the user’s eye and clean design. These are some of the guidelines that a designer should always think of.

That’s why if you’re not a designer and you want to look for fast PSD templates you can check our amazing collections below that will surely you will love it. Take a look it now guys… PLEASE DO SHARE THIS TO YOUR AWESOME FRIENDS.

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15 Impressive Photoshop Tutorials for the month of May 2013

15 Impressive Photoshop Tutorials for May 2013

Hello Folks, it’s been a while since my last post. Anyway, Let’s get down to the business, It’s really great thing when people do everything for their goal to become great web/graphic designers. They always keep on practicing and looking for new ideas to apply it for their design. So to help them out, we are here to showcase new interesting tutorials to improve your skills and learn new techniques you should take a look this 15 Impressive Photoshop Tutorials for the month of May 2013.

Keep Sharing it Guys. #impressivephototuts.

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Expand Your Future, Design Your Life With Shopify

Expand Your Future, Design Your Life With Shopify

Expand Your Future, Design Your Life With Shopify

Expand Your Future, Design Your Life With Shopify

image source: istockphoto.com

Shopify is a website design company that helps future entrepreneur in designing & customizing their own business cart in a most convenient way.

Every business man has a free will in making an art with their business, this art or design is one of the most reliable & important factor in attracting customers with what you offer. In this, shopify hand over many options to choose in creating your own doodle.

Shopify hand over many options in creating your own doodle with your business. They have skilled designers, programmers and marketers who are engage in working w/ e- commerce field. Those experts help you build & develop every side of your website in a hassle freeway. Shopify also have theme store w/ a hundreds of professional website designs that will perfectly suits your taste.

But Shopify let entrepreneurs engage in expanding their own future by having a power to decide the looks and image of their own website. By designing your own business cart w/ Shopify you also paste-up your own life. This opportunity will boost the good building & dealing process of entrepreneurs with their customers not only for the present time but also for the continuous future success.

Expand Your Future, Design Your Life With Shopify

Expand Your Future, Design Your Life With Shopify

Still thinking for the best? Take a look at this great offer that shopify can provide you.

  • Design your website on Shopify – Choose one of our free website designs, customize your own design, or hire one of our Shopify Design Experts.
  • Choose a Web Design from the Theme Store – Professional ready-made website designs to choose.
  • Choose a Shopify Design Expert -Professional design and programmers for your needs, with expertise in e-commerce platform. Ensure the quality of work and compatibility of your website in any browsers.
  • Design a Shopify Theme – You have full control over the look and style of your website, allowing you to make it look exactly how you want.

So what are you waiting for, START now DESIGN YOUR LIFE WITH SHOPIFY.


Keep Your System Safe with Norton 360’s Auto-Protect Feature

In many instances, it doesn’t require a full scan for a security threat to be detected. The Auto-Protect feature of Norton 360 will catch the risks while the infected file, folder, or application is in use and/or while you are performing an action with it. Auto-Protect will quickly scan it for viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and spyware/ad-ware that may be hidden in it. Whether it is something that has been downloaded onto your computer for a while or something online that could potentially work its way into your system, Norton will identify, quarantine, and keep it from doing harm.
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Inspirational Post #8 – 30 Most Heart-Melting Baby Photography

Inspirational Post #8 – 30 Most Heart-Melting Baby Photography

One of the most exciting part in this world as a human being is to have super cute babies. All of us is started from being a tiny baby which we can’t speak, we can’t walk and above all we don’t know how the world is, what’s matter for a baby is to reside always to his/her mother. Even though they can’t communicate well they can feel us, they can feel our love for them. Baby Photography is one of the best fascinating things to do because for me babies is one of the best subject in the lens of our camera.

Capturing a superb baby photo is easy, but creating a WOW photo takes a lot of time, practice and passion. Today we are glad to show our collection of 30 Most Heart-Melting Baby Photography that will make your day happy.

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Helmut Newton Photography

Camera Phone Etiquette

You’ve been partying with your friends in Apshalt, Berlin and suddenly a random stranger snaps a photo of you. Not only is it rude, it’s also deliberately invading your privacy even if you’re in a club with a lot of inebriated people. Taking photos with your camera phone involves a certain amount of discretion and of course, respect for other’s privacy. Some phones are even equipped with a camera sound option that you can’t turn off when taking photos so that people will instantly know you’re taking a snapshot of them. Places such as museums and art shows often prohibit photography.
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Inspirational Post 7 Street Art Graffiti For the Win

Inspirational Post #7 – Street Art Graffiti For the Win

According to our free encylopedia,(wikipedia)
Graffiti (singular: graffito; the plural is used as a mass noun. Also known as Graff) is writing or drawings that have been scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place.

Street Art Graffiti is a world of pasting,spraying and making the wall streets more colorful, alive and attractive. It’s unbelievable that they can come up with this superb art by using they’re gifted hand and artistic mind. If you wanna try like this, you should do your homework, practice makes perfect.

Today we have collected awesomeness superb Street Art Graffiti that will boost your enthusiasm to create your first street art graffiti. Take a look our cool collections. If you like our post, please do share and like it. < <<---- 🙂 Continue reading…