13 Inspirational Face-Flipping Family Portraits Photography

Inspirational Post #10 – 13 Inspirational Face-Flipping Family Portraits

This inspirational Face-Flipping Family Portraits photography by Studio PR illustrates creativity and imagination of the creator of this great portfolio. This photos consists of a child and parent that have been switch their head.

The transition from child to parents head and vice versa is really smooth, you will never noticed that they edited it. This photos is really simple and yet it attracts my attention. Feel free to share it guys..

Please check their profile at behance.net Studiopr
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Mind-Blowing Perspective 3D Drawing Art By Iza-Nagi

Inspirational Post #9 – Mind-blowing Perspective 3D Drawing Art by Iza-nagi

So today we are giving you an Inspirational Post that will lift your interest and enthusiasm to create your own 3D Drawing Art collections. You can check also our Inspired Surreal 3D Artwork using Pencil.

While browsing in the internet to look for inspirational design, i just drop by with this amazing 3D Drawing Art by Iza-nagi. He is a very talented person which focus in drawing fan art that involves a pencil, paper and a computer.

All the sketches that you saw here in our collections demonstrate his awesomenes, creativity and BIG patience and love for his passion. It’s really hard to draw an amazing art using just a Pencil and adding perspective + depth effects thru your drawing art.
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Inspirational Post #8 – 30 Most Heart-Melting Baby Photography

Inspirational Post #8 – 30 Most Heart-Melting Baby Photography

One of the most exciting part in this world as a human being is to have super cute babies. All of us is started from being a tiny baby which we can’t speak, we can’t walk and above all we don’t know how the world is, what’s matter for a baby is to reside always to his/her mother. Even though they can’t communicate well they can feel us, they can feel our love for them. Baby Photography is one of the best fascinating things to do because for me babies is one of the best subject in the lens of our camera.

Capturing a superb baby photo is easy, but creating a WOW photo takes a lot of time, practice and passion. Today we are glad to show our collection of 30 Most Heart-Melting Baby Photography that will make your day happy.

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Inspirational Post 7 Street Art Graffiti For the Win

Inspirational Post #7 – Street Art Graffiti For the Win

According to our free encylopedia,(wikipedia)
Graffiti (singular: graffito; the plural is used as a mass noun. Also known as Graff) is writing or drawings that have been scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place.

Street Art Graffiti is a world of pasting,spraying and making the wall streets more colorful, alive and attractive. It’s unbelievable that they can come up with this superb art by using they’re gifted hand and artistic mind. If you wanna try like this, you should do your homework, practice makes perfect.

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Inspirational Post #6 – Superb 3D Origami Design

Inspirational Post #6 – Superb 3D Origami Design

Origami is an art that consist of different folding of small pieces of paper crane. This 3D origami design is originated in traditional japanese culture. Folding origami takes skills and patience to finish a 3D Origami design.

Some of the research showed that creating origami helps to improve the imagination of a person and enhancing the brain itself. Creating a 3D Origami requires solid papercraft because you need to build it from smaller pieces and start to shape the body skeleton and add some details afterwards.

So today, we have collected Superb 3D Origami Design that will inspired you to create your own. You can do it with your children. I hope you enjoy this collections. Like and Share it.

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Inspirational Post #5 - Amazing Tattoo Design by Sa Jin

Inspirational Post #5 – Amazing Tattoo Design by Sa Jin

Tattoo is an expression of body art. It’s a form of body modification in which the ink is inserted to the base layer of our skins which change the pigmentation color. Ever thinking to get a tattoo? Well, one of the tough decision is what tattoo design you want to be imprinted in your body. Tattoo is something that reflects to your personality and mood.

So today’s post, we are here to showcase our inpirational post for Amazing Tattoo Design by Sa Jin, Sa Jin is a tattoo artist from South Korean which embodies elements of oriental culture within his creative work. His tattoo design uses different color pallete like black,red and yellow. Take a look this amazing Tattoo design that might help you choosing your first design tattoo.

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Inspirational Post #4: Incredible Typography Design Just For You

Inspirational Post #4: Incredible Typography Design Just for You

Typography is one of the key element in the world of web and graphic designs. Most of the website now a days is competing for the best typographic design effect some of the typography effects are fancy, curly, 3D, edges and colorful. Choosing your Typography design for your products or projects is very important because this will serves as your branding and the customer will remember this once they saw your typography design.

Today we are here to inspire you for our amazing Inspirational Post #4: Incredible Typography Design Just For You. Take a look guys and have fun.
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Best of iAPDesign: Year End Amazing Collection

Best of iAPDesign: Year End Amazing Collection of Photoshop Tutorials & Others

Hi Guys, Today before Year of 2012 ends, i will show you the best of iAPDesigncollections in different categories like Photoshop Tutorials,Photoshop Presets,Web Development, and Inspirational Post that makes our blog more interesting and providing quality of tutorials that will help you to learn and enhance your skills.

I hope this coming 2013 will be more fun and exciting for us and we will continue providing good quality of photoshop tutorials to guide you for the latest and amazing trends in the internet.

Happy New Year Guys, wish you all the best.WELCOME YEAR OF THE SNAKE. 🙂
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