Importance Of Typography In Marketing Terms

Importance of Typography In Marketing Terms

The art and technique of setting type to make language visible is known as Typography. Visibility is a basic thing in printing, the ability to make writing attractive however is pivotal in professional typography. It is the work of a graphic designer to use typeface, colors, layout, grid and design etc creatively and create innovative typographic material. This is especially helpful in marketing/branding of a product.

For a layman, there is most probably not much of a difference between ‘Arial’ and ‘times new roman font’. A graphic designer knows that font selection is the first step towards printing. Then he/she has to select the font size.  Height of a character is generally known as x-height while width as set-width. The next step is to correct the ‘Leading’. Vertical space between the type lines is called leading. Tracking and kerning is looked at next. This is space adjustment between adjacent characters so the overall effect isn’t muddled but aligned. ‘Measuring’ is the next step where you decide on the width of a text block. Hierarchy and Scale are finally decided. This is the difference in the text printed which would signify what is highlighted as well as the placing.

A company would get its name and logo printed as a start of its marketing campaign. Typography plays a pivotal role in broadcasting your product to the masses. We now recognize some companies by just their logos/brands obviously we’re paying tribute to the typographical skills of the graphic designers.
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