Keep Your System Safe with Norton 360’s Auto-Protect Feature

In many instances, it doesn’t require a full scan for a security threat to be detected. The Auto-Protect feature of Norton 360 will catch the risks while the infected file, folder, or application is in use and/or while you are performing an action with it. Auto-Protect will quickly scan it for viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and spyware/ad-ware that may be hidden in it. Whether it is something that has been downloaded onto your computer for a while or something online that could potentially work its way into your system, Norton will identify, quarantine, and keep it from doing harm.
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Helmut Newton Photography

Camera Phone Etiquette

You’ve been partying with your friends in Apshalt, Berlin and suddenly a random stranger snaps a photo of you. Not only is it rude, it’s also deliberately invading your privacy even if you’re in a club with a lot of inebriated people. Taking photos with your camera phone involves a certain amount of discretion and of course, respect for other’s privacy. Some phones are even equipped with a camera sound option that you can’t turn off when taking photos so that people will instantly know you’re taking a snapshot of them. Places such as museums and art shows often prohibit photography.
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