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Welcome to iYOOTOOB – PREMIUM YOUTUBE CMS.  Its a Content Management System that allows you to build websites depending in your niches using Youtube Videos easily.  Let’s say your website focus more on Web Development you can add videos or channels that is related to Web Development using our Admin in just a few clicks.   We build this script using the latest technology such as the following:

  • Laravel 5.2
  • Angularjs
  • Coffeescript Transpiler
  • Javascript
  • Etc..


  • Responsive Design work on all screen sizes
  • Easy to deploy and comes with detailed documentations.
  • Manually Add videos or using our auto search functionality.
  • Has Cron Job to get channels automatically.
  • Secure codes, by implementing xss scripts, sql injection and CSRF attack.
  • SEO Ready and can be changed in our admin page.
  • Rate system such as likes and dislike with unique page views.
  • Add to favorite System
  • Built-in Contact Us Page.
  • Create Unlimited Pages.
  • Monetization of sites can be added in our Advertisement Module in the admin.
  • Share Videos from your social networks.


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iYOOTOOB - Youtube Video to Mp3 Downloader

iYOOTOOB – Youtube Video to Mp3 Downloader CMS

Welcome to iYOOTOOB – Youtube Video to MP3 Downloader Its created with the latest technology such as Laravel 5.2, angularjs etc.

To provide you a simple way to download video from youtube.com. This great script connect to the latest API v3 provided by youtube to give us the power to search directly from youtube website.

And once you’re done finding your video you can easily download in any available formats.

CHECK SITE: http://download.iyootoob.com

Why choose iYOOTOOB.COM?

1. We’re using latest technology such as the following:

  • Laravel 5.2
  • Angular JS
  • Bootstrap 3.3
  • Youtube API v3

2. Are you using a shared hosting? No problem, my script will run even you’re running in a shared hosting site.

3. No need to install FFMPEG, download.iyootoob.com contains ffmpeg compiled inside so you dont need to worry about it, we’ve done it already for you.

4. You just need to upload it in your server and fill up all necessary database and get youtube v3 api key which we include the tutorial for it.

5. Easy to read documentation and we will help you upon installing this script.

6. You can add your ads for monetizing your site.

7. Unlimited creation of pages in our backend.

8. You can edit your site title, meta tags, keywords thru our backend settings.

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