Inspirational Post 7 Street Art Graffiti For the Win

Inspirational Post #7 โ€“ Street Art Graffiti For the Win

According to our free encylopedia,(wikipedia)
Graffiti (singular: graffito; the plural is used as a mass noun. Also known as Graff) is writing or drawings that have been scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place.

Street Art Graffiti is a world of pasting,spraying and making the wall streets more colorful, alive and attractive. It’s unbelievable that they can come up with this superb art by using they’re gifted hand and artistic mind. If you wanna try like this, you should do your homework, practice makes perfect.

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20 Awesome Kickster Photshop Tutorials

20 Awesome Kickster Photshop Tutorials

It’s nice thing that many people around the world is lovely addicted in the field of design and arts. One of the most commonly used image editor around the world is Adobe Photoshop. Despite of many photoshop tutorials had been made around the web, still they come up with new ideas and really worthy tutorials. Those photoshop fanatic still enhancing what they have, improving their skills and sharing what they’ve learn.

Today we have 20 Awesome Kickster Photshop Tutorials that will surely will kick you from your shelter and will tell you that YOU NEED TO DO SOME AWESOME STUFF BE ONE OF US. :P. Like and Share this post guys.

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Inspirational Post #6 โ€“ Superb 3D Origami Design

Inspirational Post #6 – Superb 3D Origami Design

Origami is an art that consist of different folding of small pieces of paper crane. This 3D origami design is originated in traditional japanese culture. Folding origami takes skills and patience to finish a 3D Origami design.

Some of the research showed that creating origami helps to improve the imagination of a person and enhancing the brain itself. Creating a 3D Origami requires solid papercraft because you need to build it from smaller pieces and start to shape the body skeleton and add some details afterwards.

So today, we have collected Superb 3D Origami Design that will inspired you to create your own. You can do it with your children. I hope you enjoy this collections. Like and Share it.

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15 Sweet Valentines Day Photoshop Tutorials

12 Sweet Valentines Day Photoshop Tutorials

February is the month of Hearts, the month of LOVE. Many people celebrate valentines day with their special someone. They give flowers and chocolates to express their love and sweetness.

So today we are here to showcase you the 15 Sweet Valentines Day Photoshop Tutorials that you may want to look out. This Photoshop tutorials will help you to give new ideas on how to used photoshop as your best friend for creating a fantastic valentines day design.

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15 Stupefying Responsive Navigation Menu You Should Have

15 Stupefying Responsive Navigation Menu You Should Have

Navigation Menu is one of the element in web design, this is the collection of links that will help the user to navigate to your websites. This navigation sometimes in a horizontal or vertical line. I saw lots of different kinds of navigation menu from different websites and some of them is not responsive. What is responsive?, Responsive means reacting quickly and positively in any screen size you are viewing your websites.

Today we have 15 Stupefying Responsive Navigation Menu that you might want to use for your current or future websites. Like and Share Guys..

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Inspirational Post #4: Incredible Typography Design Just For You

Inspirational Post #4: Incredible Typography Design Just for You

Typography is one of the key element in the world of web and graphic designs. Most of the website now a days is competing for the best typographic design effect some of the typography effects are fancy, curly, 3D, edges and colorful. Choosing your Typography design for your products or projects is very important because this will serves as your branding and the customer will remember this once they saw your typography design.

Today we are here to inspire you for our amazing Inspirational Post #4: Incredible Typography Design Just For You. Take a look guys and have fun.
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15 High-Quality Adobe Illustrator Tutorials 2013

15 High-Quality Adobe Illustrator Tutorials 2013

Adobe Illustrator is one of the best software tool for illustrating different elements that you can use for web pages,printing design like brochure, flyers, business card and so on. The quality of the images that you create in this powerful tool can be printed at any sizes without losing it’s quality and pixels. It’s different from photoshop, because the image you render in illustrator is not rasterize and can resize any time but the same quality.

To get the full potential of this software and achieve the high quality effects that you want you need to pratice and make sure to check the latest tutorials and techniques for adobe illustrator. Luckily, our collections for the day is a 15 High-Quality Adobe Illustrator Tutorials 2013 that will help you to attain the highest quality for your next web / graphic design projects.

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30 Impressive Autodesk 3DSMAX Modeling Tutorial To Start Up

30 Impressive Autodesk 3DSMAX Modeling Tutorial to Start Up

In the world of interactive design, one of the most incredible design that you can come up with more detailed and realistic effect is to create a 3D Model Design. One of the most powerful 3D software around the web is the Autodesk 3DSMax . This product focus more n the modeling,animation, and rendering tools that help all the designers to focus more on their creativity.

Their latest software today is the Autodesk 3DS Max 2013 which added lot’s of feature like the following:

  • Adobe After Effects Interoperability
  • Render Pass System and Photoshop Interoperability
  • ActiveShade Interactive iray Rendering
  • Slate Compositing Editor
  • Nitrous Viewport Performance and Quality
  • Enhanced Interoperability with AutoCAD and Revit
  • DirectConnect Support
  • MassFX Enhancements
  • Tabbed Layouts
  • Customizable Workspaces
  • Track View Retiming
  • HumanIK Interoperability with CAT

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iPhone Camera App UI โ€“ 365psd โ€“ 25 Most Wanted GUI PSD Design Kits for iPhone

25 Most Wanted GUI PSD Design Kits for iPhone

Today’s post is a collection of UI PSD Design Kits for iPhone, this collection is free for download but you should read the terms and condition of the user of each psd kit if you want to used this for commercial purposes. With these iPhone user interface you can easily enhance your mobile interface application to look more appealing and user friendly.

Have a look with these great collection of 25 Most Wanted GUI PSD Design Kits for iPhone and start creating your own IOS Application. Grab them All now.

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