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Keep Your System Safe with Norton 360’s Auto-Protect Feature

In many instances, it doesn’t require a full scan for a security threat to be detected. The Auto-Protect feature of Norton 360 will catch the risks while the infected file, folder, or application is in use and/or while you are performing an action with it. Auto-Protect will quickly scan it for viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and spyware/ad-ware that may be hidden in it. Whether it is something that has been downloaded onto your computer for a while or something online that could potentially work its way into your system, Norton will identify, quarantine, and keep it from doing harm.



Suspicious activity and the resolution will be reported in Security History, while a notification will be sent to you. Viruses will be deleted or repaired, and you will also be notified and be able to view more information about in the scan logs. Unlike full scans, which often require you to take further action once a threat has been detected, this will happen automatically, ensuring immediate protection to your system.

In the Security History section of the Computer Protection pane, you can view all notifications and activity performed by Auto-Protect, including the recent and full history and security risks that were both resolved and unresolved. If further action is required, or if you believe a file was quarantined that is not infected and you wish to restore it, you can take action here as well. This is just one of the many features that Norton 360 has to offer. Give your computer the ultimate security it deserves by purchasing and downloading Norton 360 from antivirusbarn.

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