Helmut Newton Photography

Camera Phone Etiquette

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You’ve been partying with your friends in Apshalt, Berlin and suddenly a random stranger snaps a photo of you. Not only is it rude, it’s also deliberately invading your privacy even if you’re in a club with a lot of inebriated people. Taking photos with your camera phone involves a certain amount of discretion and of course, respect for other’s privacy. Some phones are even equipped with a camera sound option that you can’t turn off when taking photos so that people will instantly know you’re taking a snapshot of them. Places such as museums and art shows often prohibit photography.

Helmut Newton Photography

Helmut Newton Photography

Germany is known for the most prolific photographers. Photographer Helmut Newton is known for his high fashion sensual photographs and you can check out the Helmut Newton Museum which showcases his works and pays homage to his life and career. So before taking a snapshot with your trusty phone camera, here are some guidelines to observe so that you can avoid that future lawsuit. First off, if your camera lens has a cover, keep it closed. You don’t want others to think that you’re taking their photo. Point the lens preferably on the ground. Now, if you want to take photographs of strangers, ask for consent and do so politely. Also expect that they can decline on you taking their photo. The only time this is acceptable is when you’re the event photographer. So after soaking in some culture and visiting the museums in Frankfurt, you can have a little downtime in Café Hauptwache near St. Catherine’s Church. Asides from taking photos with your phone, you can also play some games while you relax. If you’re into card games and poker, you can download http://de.partypoker.com newest android app. You can practice your gaming strategies and skills anytime, anywhere with just a swipe of a finger. With its easy to use game interface and unique game play you can definitely improve on your game. You can also get some tips from Germany’s best poker player Pius Heinz in the World Series of Poker Tournaments. You can also watch out for Microsoft Studios’ newest poker game, World Series of Poker: Full House Pro coming out in March.

After playing with your favorite poker app, let’s also talk about another favorite app, the Instagram. This nifty app is a great photography tool but a word to the wise (and your followers will agree on this), here are some topics/subjects that you may want to avoid: food, bust or abs, legs or any body part for that matter, your ugly nail polish, shoes, self portraits (in the mirror or handheld) and yes, cats. You don’t want your brain size to be judged by your Instagram photos, you have just been warned. You can also check out the world’s largest photography trade fair, Photokina in Cologne for some serious photography inspiration.

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